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A peak into the Indian Visa System

India is a vast country with a rich culture and a wide variety of colors and scenery. Many people desire to visit India either as a tourist or for business. Some even migrate to India permanently. While the idea of visiting India is exciting, the process can be difficult and lengthy. Due to the large amount of applications the Indian Consulate receives, the applications go through CKGS first. That is where Rao Immigration comes in. We file the application, send the documents to CKGS, and handle the initial communication for you. Learn more about the services we can offer you below. 

Indian Visa on Arrival?

Traveling to India in a rush? We got you covered. With our lightning application process we can get your Tourist Visa On Arrival approved within 48-72 hours.

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Indian Visa Services

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Need to check whether you're eligible for OCI or not?

Drop us an inquiry, Indian Constitution does allow foreign nationals to obtain OCI to some extent. Send us your details along with your spouse and family and we'll get in touch with you shortly.